one of those days...

i've been on the night shift here lately which inevitably means i'm shooting a ton of sports.

i'm not much of a sports shooter; it's never really clicked with me. i think it's the whole idea that 99.9 percent of what you end up shooting is done with a long piece of glass.

basically, i feel like there is a real lack of intimacy in action photographs. i could be wrong, what the hell do i really know anyway? i mean we can't all be as gifted as donald miralle when it comes to making beautiful sports pictures.

but, then again even some of his best images make me feel like i'm an outsider looking in rather than an insider looking out. perhaps some sports just don't lend themselves to intimate action images.

with all that being babbled, i do like shooting sports features. i feel like this is where the images can be made that bring the viewer into a world that they may not be able to access otherwise.

the two images i've posted are outtakes from two recent sports assignments. they will never see the light of day in print, which i guess sort of defeats the idea of bringing the "viewer into a world that they may not be able to access otherwise." however, at least i can post them here and share them with the one or two people that stumble upon my blog.

aaahhhh, i already feel better about making pictures that no one will see...