Leaving my wife and two children in the States as I get life in order here in Abu Dhabi has not been easy on the heart. It's been a test of many emotions that I was not readily prepared for under any circumstances.

It makes me think of my father, who served 22 years in the Navy. Throughout his career he would leave my mother, sister and I for six month deployments - I often wondered how he felt. I know now that it was for the same reasons I left the States. My leaving is what I refer to as "The American Dream:Exported." A headline that I plan to visually explore in my next photo essay, but thats another story.

In any case, being made to feel like a fish in a sardine can is far from my situation so in an effort to lift my sprits I spent my first weekend in the UAE at a resort in Fujairah.

I think I missed the boat on this one. It was absolutely deserted. Which under most circumstances would be ideal, especially if the wife was along for a romantic weekend get-a-way. This wasn't the case. So I drank fresh juice, swam with the fishes, and took in the view.