Living the Dream...

Hazy eyes meet a faded sky accessorized with the silhouette of a commercial airliner. It’s early mornin’ in Abu Dhabi and I’m comfortably anxious. The family is scheduled to arrive in just an hour. Outside my flat my sight shifts over an ocean of cars.

“Hmm, my cabs not here, well it is only 6:30,” so I take another pull on my aging habit and exhale.

The cigarette smoke trails up & out and onto another thought.

“I’ll give him a few more minutes, when I’m done with this cigarette, I’ll call”

6:36 a.m.

I’ve got my regular cabbie on speed dial.

“Hello sir! Good Morning,”

Silen, a polite young man from Pakistan, answers. Silen is my cabbie of choice. He is reliable, speaks English fairly well, and knows the island. He’s my go to guy when I need to be somewhere on time.

“Silen, are you coming to the Euro?”

I had called him the night before, but, sometimes things get lost in translation. 6:30 am could easily turn into 6:30 pm.

“Oh yes sir, I’m right there, soon, soon.”

Fast forward to 1:56 pm...

The wife and my baby boy have gone down for the count.

welcome to Abu Dhabi, it's good to have y'all home.