Over this past weekend photojournalists from around the States gathered to attend workshops, lectures, and to observe the judging of this years photojournalism contest hosted by The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

Unfortunately, I've only had the opportunity to attend the conference once. It was several years ago, but I have fond memories of the time spent with friends and fellow button pushers. At the time I was fresh out of college and seeking employment. I didn't end up landing a job, but I did make a few lasting friendships. 

This year I finally entered the contest and came out with a few accolades. 

In the General News category I earned 3rd place behind David Guttenfelder, of the Associated Press, who managed to sweep 1st and 2nd. 

I also earned 2nd in the Pictorial category and mustered up an Honorable Mention in Sports Picture Story

I'm most appreciative of the placing in the sports division for my essay entitled "Rollin Revival." 

The photographs from this project are a small sample from hundreds of images I have compiled in an effort to document the resurgence of roller derby in the United States. Inevitably, I plan on publishing a book from this body of work. It's truly been a labor of love compiling this visual history of derby culture and lifestyle. Therefore, receiving an award for this essay is very meaningful to me. 

Thanks to Atlanta Photojournalism and all those responsible for hosting this annual event. 

Last but not least,  I want to give a shout out to a fellow photographer who produces work that often inspires me and drives me to push myself harder when I'm out on the streets. Kevin German took home 3rd place in the Best Portfolio category. Congrats Kevin and thanks for the great work!