Everything looks better from the sky. There's something otherworldly and peacful about the view from anywhere other than the ground. In fact it's where I prefer to be, somewhere elevated from the Earth. 

Personally, I've always had an affinity for walking the edges of three story buildings or standing on a ledge perched high above a city. I love the view from suburban roof tops that overlook rows of little monopoly houses. I have fond memories of days past where I would pause and watch the sun, filtered by a mornin' mist, waltz atop slippery shingles. It was a romance meant to be. Somedays I find myself daydreaming about becoming a window cleaner wedged aside a skyscraper - alone to do my work in solitude and I become slightly delusional. 

That being said, it's always a treat when I'm on assignment and I get the opportunity to fly in a helicopter or even better yet an Ultralight. These particular images were made while flying in a chopper along the Saudi Arabian border. I found the geology of the land offered fascinating tones, textures, patterns and detail.