Drive-by dustin'

the sky has darkened into a heavy gloom over all of abu dhabi. a swarm of dust particles have decided to make their way to the shores of the arabian gulf. apparently, spending  their holiday mingling within all the lungs and sinuses of us common folk sounded like a good time. 

word on the street is that there is going to a be total of three or four days until these thugs roll out and make it back to their hood. can't say i blame them, i mean all they have to go back to is a climate of dry stale stagnant summer sand dunes and the bleak existence of a desert dust particle. 

up around the corner the sun and it's crew of rays is desperately at wits end tryin' to hustle a retaliation. in their minds it's their job to regulate the common folk of abu dhabi with hell's heat. watch your back people and turn up the a/c,  i hear there might be a drive-by raying any minute now...