Strapped and ready to roll, I got out of my car and darted to the solace of the shade between two towers. I paused, wiped the sweat from my brow, looked to the sky and dialed-in my light meter and fired a test frame. I checked the results on my camera's screen and thought to myself: 

"What a cool frame it would make if a bird would just fly by between two buildings." 

Slightly impatient and early in my hunt, I waited for a second but nothing happened so I moved on wandering about Abu Dhabi's downtown. 

down several streets, 
through a tunnel, 
past an archaic watch repairman, 
down 49 something steps,
through a seedy array of Bangladeshi markets,
past a thousand images of Sheikh Zayed hangin' on every shop wall

when suddenly...

I came across a plump pigeon, he looked super sized from dining on scraps of fast food value meals littered throughout downtown . It was so random, he was just coolin' out & soaking in the rays in the middle of the sidewalk. It looked really odd and slightly humorous that this feathered creature would just pitch camp here. Why here? It seemed as if he were waiting for someone to bring him a pair of sunglasses, a cool beverage and a beach towel. 

Lurking into his personal space I popped a few frames but he took flight as I suspected he would. 

So I took chase. 

I caught him in an alleyway and shot him!