Darshana Ganga: The Delta

One of my ongoing personal projects is a look at the daily life, culture and heritage along the Ganges River. This sacred river runs over 1500 miles through India. The birth of the river starts in the Himalayas, flows until it reaches the plains in Hardwar, eventually breaks into a cluster of deltas north of Kolkata and finally finds rest in the Bay of Bengal.

My last trip was spent along the banks of the Hooghly river, the main delta of the Ganges, that runs through Kolkata. I then traveled south through the Sunderbans. Eventually, I pitched a tent at the Bay of Bengal on the remote shore of Sagar Island. Here I spent time with the pilgrims who had traveled to take part in the Gangasagar Mela

In September/October I hope to travel to the birth place of the Ganges river, the Gangotri glacier, a traditional Hindu pilgrimage site. At that point I will have completed laying the foundation to a much larger project of the sacred Ganga River. 

The posted images are a few of my favorites from my recent shoot. To see more kindly visit my website and look for the gallery: Darshana Ganga: The Delta