For as along as I can remember I've had an enduring passion to publish a book. In fact, prior to taking up a camera I often day dreamed about being a published novelist. However, in high school, after my close friend Dan Dan and I entered our writings in several competitions and he won, I began to doubt my ability. He later started a band and put his words to song. He was a natural. 

Later in life, having not found my purpose, I took a creative writing class in college. I quickly realized I lacked the patience for the precise use of words required by writers in proper story telling. Upon further reflection, it didn't help that my writing never received much attention other than the awkward times I stood before my English class reciting a poem or essay.  

Fast forward several years and here I am with a camera in tow telling stories visually. This go around I'm still following the dream to publish a book only this time through pictures. 

Having just received the first edit of my book-in-progress 
Rollin' Revival I am still hesitant to celebrate. This is just a small step in a much larger process. I'm certain that there will be a few more changes until a final edit is composed. Not to mention, the gathering of interviews I plan to do with the subjects of the book, the overall page design, the market research, the compilation of book dummies to publish, pitching the work to potential publishers, etc, etc, etc. 

That said, I'm very fortunate to have photo editor extraordinaire 
Mike Davis work with me through the edit. Having an editor as talented and insightful as Mike offers a great learning experience and is an asset to the overall project. 

In his first edit he has already introduced images into the book project that I was not able to incorporate into my own personal & initial edit. In doing so he has brought new layers and depth to the overall storytelling. For this, I am grateful and reaffirms my justifications in pursing his services. 

Visit Mike's blog where he often writes about his editing experience with the photographers he works with, including myself. In his words you will find the passion he has for photography and the wisdom he posses as an editor.