Darshana Ganga: Continued

One of my ongoing personal projects is a look at the daily life, culture and heritage along the Ganges River. This sacred river runs over 1500 miles through India. The birth of the river starts in the Himalayas, flows until it reaches the plains in Haridwar, eventually breaks into a cluster of deltas north of Kolkata and finally finds rest in the Bay of Bengal.

This last trip I found myself in the Haridwar, an important pilgrimage city, Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world and Devprayag, where two rivers converge to form the Ganga. 

Each trip to India never ceases to leave me saturated with a raw appreciation for the ancient culture that exists along the Ganga. 

Visit my website to see the updated essay. I wish I could share all of the outtakes from my last trip but as the saying goes "less is more."

Until next time...