Opal Noor...

The first time my wife proposed the idea of natural child birth I admit I was taken aback. I was concerned about the safety for my unborn child and my wife. She stands at 5'1" and is all of 90lbs. Yes, she is not petite she is itty-bitty. So you can understand my cautious approach in supporting her decision. 

However, after reading up on the subject, educating myself and meeting with our doula I was convinced. It's amazing how so many of us are conditioned to believe that birth requires so much medical intervention. It is indeed false. I could go into the details but I won't. All I can suggest is that if you and your loved one decide to have a child please do your own research and weigh your options. 

The following images document the experience and then some. I shot very little, mostly in between contractions, back rubs and words of encouragement to my wife. Since having a home birth is against the law in the UAE we eventually made our way to the local hospital. 

Our baby girl Opal Noor arrived just under two hours after our arrival. Med-free. She went home the next day. 

My wife is a Champion!