Expecting the Unexpected... Going Commercial

Quite some time back I blogged about a commercial job I shot in Lebanon. Today, I'm finally able to post some of the images. The ad campaign is being circulated throughout Kuwait, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine.

The details are fuzzy now as it has been nine months since I shot this for the Kuwaiti telecommunications service Wataniya. Needless to say I had a fantastic time. 

The entire team that helped pull this production off were no less than amazing. The producer, stylist, set designer, art director, fixer, etc were on top of their game and were instrumental in the overall success of the shoot. 

By the end of the week it truly felt like we were one big happy extended family.

Special thanks to arabianEye for representing my work in the Middle East and bringing me on to be a part of this production. The above images are a few of my favorites but if you want to see more as well as some outtakes go here.

Oh, and thanks to Celia Peterson at arabianEye for keeping the cheese pizza flowing!