So long, Best of 2010? Welcome 2011.

Colors and textures bounce through the frame and I’m blessed to arrange some coherent order out of the bends in the light. Time moves on, seconds pass, I exhale, I dream, I inhale, I smile, I sigh, another notation has passed. 

I’m drifting again off into a poetry of music and sound. My eyes try to make something out of nothing, my heart intersects, the mind dissects. The tempo slows. 
At the edge of India I find primal rituals, at the birth of the Ganga I find that which can not be found, at home I am embraced by the arms of my youth and the eyes of my offspring, Beirut offers lonely ripped paper eyes of the abducted; not to be seen, in Satwa an organic blade of green festers optimism in a pessimistic mystic, Gemmayze gives me pink balloons and party hats, in the Emirates a lone boy dances to silence, his hands clasped, then opened, eventually melt, rearranging themselves and fall back to Earth’s light...

Days keep moving and time knows the bounds; its secrets are spoken in foreign languages while a cautious friend translates the unknown.

Today, winter yearns for an autumn day and spring for summer. 

Tomorrow was today - Today is tomorrow