Just under two weeks ago I returned to the good ol USA to pursue life as a freelancer. For those of you who don't know, I was in the Middle East working for an English language newspaper for the past three years. I have to say, after a 24 hour flight and a yearning to be Stateside, arriving at Chicago O'Hare International was a sweet homecoming.  

It felt even better when my phone rang less than five minutes after exiting customs. Education Week Associate Director of Photography Nicole Fruge called and wanted to know if I was back in the States and ready to work! Of course I jumped at the offer and two days later was on assignment bobbing around the Chesapeake Bay. The photos ran this week and here a few additional outtakes and the clip from Education Week. 

*A special shout out to my homie Matt Eich for recommending me to Education Week. Also, a big thank you to Nicole Fruge and Director of Photography Charlie Borst for hiring me on for my first assignment as a freelancer. It is so very refreshing to be home in Virginia Beach.