People often ask me "What was it like living in the UAE?" or "Man, is Dubai like Vegas in the Middle East?" Sorry, but it's not like Vegas and living there was filled with innumerable idiosyncrasies, too many to mention. 

To be honest, I will never be able to articulate in words what my experience was like. My friends who still live there and who have lived there can understand why. 

That said, during my last two months in the Emirates I shot a personal essay. I was aiming at building both a keepsake of memories and an inquisitive documentation that worked to define some aspects of  the UAE. The following images are a few from this project recently posted on my website in The Emirates gallery. 

The essay Inshallah-la-land is a personal look at the mundane, daily absurdities, expatriate isolation, the unseen imperfections and other oddities that reflect the personality and branding of the Emirates.