Untitled Fluidity: Growth

Untitled Fluidity is an ongoing column that aims to give insight into the creative process I work through while shaping, defining and producing a long term photo essay. My principal intent is to offer the viewer both an educational resource and inspirational tool to motivate one's self to get out there and simply create. 

The only constant in our lives is change - often perpetuated by some degree of growth. Growth affords us the opportunity to make errors, develop, and strive for excellence. It can also be a painful experience emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

This week's batch of images continue to build on my last column Untitled Fluidity:Time through a reflection of my family's personal daily experiences. The images lead off with a detail of my eldest daughter's anticipation as she waits to get tattooed. Since my return to the States, she and I have worked to open the lines of communication with each other. We've also made efforts to simply hang out and just enjoy our time together. On this particular day we both headed out to have "Facun" tattooed onto our skin. Good times. 

The remaining images, on some level or another, are quirky, inquisitive and on the surface might seem nominal in depth and value. However, I beg to differ; I see a young boy taking risk and seeking adventure, developing a sort of independence. I see a big brother teaching his little sister acceptance and love. I see a beautiful young girl who has grown into a wise mother, aging with wisdom. I see a baby unknowingly, yet delicately, finding her place in the world. I see a twenty-something defining her identity - hot pink nails, a sliver of a tattoo and all. 

In the future development of this project I hope to show not only the growth that my family experiences but to also introduce the growth happening to my immediate community and the cities that surround it. 

Til then, eat your veggies and lay off the red meat...

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