The Atypical, Unpredictable BISON: for Distinction Magazine

One of the things that I'm most grateful about in regards to being a photographer - besides being able to earn my living as one - is being introduced to the unknown. 

On almost every assignment, I'm introduced to a new issue, subject, insight or experience that inevitably will shape or define me. There isn't a science or method to any of this serendipitous unfolding, it simply is what it is. 

That said, one day I could be in the cockpit of a race car making pictures at 135 mph, or covering a jet crash off the shores of the Atlantic,  then a portrait of a same-sex couple, or sadly enough photographing the parents of a slain child, or even something as light as an advertisement for a roller derby league. No matter the case I love this facet of my job. 

I have two offices, the one where my desktop sits and the other is wherever I might be shooting that day. 

Not too long ago, Distinction Magazine commissioned me to work on an upcoming story that would feature the recently signed band Bison. To be honest, I had never heard of them prior to the shoot, or so I thought. I did my research which started with downloading their album from iTunes. As soon as track one started to play I realized I had heard their music on NPR many times. 

"Ding, the light bulb went on in my head, oh okay - I know who they are now!"

I did a little more poking around and found out more about the band's background. They have a quite fascinating story which you can read about in detail in this issue of Distinction

Do yourself a favor and check out  their music too, you might be pleasantly pleased....

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