Jesse Irish: for Wave Riding Vehicles

A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from my homie Charles Harmon over at Wave Riding Vehicles. Apparently, he had seen a photo of mine that I had shot of WRV's team rider Jesse Irish and wanted to purchase it for an upcoming ad. I've never promoted my skateboard photography, it mainly sits in a folder on my Facebook profile for my homies to enjoy after a session. I have to assume he saw it on Facebook because that is the only place I had posted it. I should have asked but I was on my way out the door and Charles needed the photo sent on the fly. 

Anyway, we went over the usage fees and rates quickly, I dropped the file and was out the door. Now normally I would be a lot more detail oriented when it comes to working with a client however I've known Charles for some 25 odd years or so. He's family. Not to mention Charles is one of the people in the early stages of my career who influenced and inspired me with his exceptional photography and graphic design skills. He's respected and trusted. 

That said, there are two points I want to make here that can be applied to both photography and life. First, shoot (or do) what you love, what you're passionate about, what moves you. In this case, skateboarding and photography. This particular photo of Jesse was made on a road trip while up in Richmond for a session at the Lost Bowl. I wasn't shooting for money, I wasn't shooting with an ad campaign in mind, I wasn't shooting for stock, I was simply shooting for the mere pleasure of making photos of something I love. In the end, I made a profit from just doing what I do and this isn't the first time. 

The second point that I definitely think is worth mentioning is the value of relationships. I honestly believe that everything in life is developed, shaped and founded in the dichotomy of the relationship. I believe that  relationships define and shape your business and personal life. It is in the quality of these relationships that one prospers or falls short. In this case, the longterm relationship I've had with Charles, skateboarding and photography reaped what I sowed. 

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. Besides I have work to do and then off to session tonight with the homies. Get some!