Sole Searching: for Distinction Magazine

Here's a recent look at a story I shot for


. More often than not, when I pick up an assignment from the magazine I'm usually working with Distinction's

Creative Director EJ Toudt


EJ and I work side by side before and during the shoots, collaborating on a lot of the visual ideas and approach. Quite often the final outcome is an alchemy of the hours we've spent brainstorming an idea and then actually executing it on location.

With the

Sole Searching

photo essay EJ took on the part as both a creative director, assistant and every other role in between. A lot of photographers prefer not to work with the client looking right over their shoulder after each release of the shutter. To be honest, I usually don't either.

However, with EJ, I don't feel like he's on location to dissect and critique each and every move I make. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When he is on set he actually complements the shoot and feeds the creative process. In the end his presence, input and assistance nurture the success of each shoot.

As always, thanks to EJ and the staff at Distinction for bringing me on and for the work. 

You can check out the story