Driven: for Dinstinction Magazine

I'm a firm believer that there isn't any ailment that a road trip can't heal...

Just broke up with the love of your life? Get on the road. 

Soul searching for your place in the world? Get on the road. 

Looking for liberation? Get on the road. 

Feeling the need to explore?

Get on the road


That said, whenever I have an assignment that gets me out from behind the desk I welcome it home like a long lost friend. Anytime a client wants to send me on a shoot and put me behind the wheel for a good drive is perfectly fine by me. 

When I was much younger I lived out of my truck and loved being on the road. I roamed and fed my gypsy soul thousands of miles of US highway blacktop. Nowadays I'm a homebody of sorts, but I definitely enjoy a quick trip around the block.

On this particular assignment I headed four hours west to Alton, VA where I met up with Crawford Anderson and his


at the

Virginia International Raceway.

Anderson is a pathologist from Virginia Beach who spends at least one weekend a month navigating this raceway, one of the top racetracks in the country.

Like myself, Anderson has a passion for the road. Read about his romance with the sport of racing and it's S-curves in

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