Mind Over Matter: SUAS

Mind Over Matter: SUAS* is an ongoing column that aims to document skateboarders from all walks of life who are still riding their plank after 30+ years of age. My principal intent is to offer the viewer both an insight to why grown men/women choose to continue to ride despite being what many consider “too old” and to encourage the masses to get out and get theirs - whatever that might be.

*SUAS is an acronym commonly used in skateboard rhetoric, it simply means Shut Up And Skate! Click the image to view it super-sized. Enjoy.


The Brotherhood:

When Sean and I first met we were on the up and up in the local

Virginia Beach



skate scene. Just a couple years into our teens and we both had already picked up a couple of sponsors. More often than not we were competing in contests up and down the East Coast, collecting our share of


along the way.

Throughout those early years, we always had an underlying competition against each other. Sometimes it was friendly but, I’m pretty sure we were hatin’ on each other. When we talk about that time in our lives we always get a chuckle about how things were back then. Regardless, Sean’s raw style always encouraged me to push myself and my skating. At every session we were always hyped to get down with the get down.

During our high school years, we were still riding hard and getting things done. However, we did spend many nights going out to parties and getting into a little trouble here and there. Summer days were filled with skating and the evenings were occupied with hooking up with the girls. We both had long hessian hair, I rocked a leather jacket and Sean always had some

Eighties or early Nineties

skate punk vibe going.

Today, some twenty or more years later, everything has changed, we’re both married, we leave trouble for the young bloods and we’ve traded our mop tops in for what little hair still sprouts out of our craniums.

But...we still get ours when the session is going. Homies for life.