The Yin and the Yang of Tench for: Dinstinction Magazine

The digital age has brought with it many welcomed advances in our lives today. There's such a long list of opportunities it has afforded us as a society I'll just skip making one. 

Let's face it, what would life be like today if everything was stuck in the era of snail mail and the analog phone? How did we ever exist without digital technology?

(Insert sarcastic tone here.)

Today Tench Phillips, co-owner of the vintage Naro Expanded Cinema in Norfolk, VA, is faced with the challenge of the digital age. "As early as next year, the movie industry will stop using 35mm film, the standard for more than a century and the only format the Naro uses. It will be replaced with movies in a digital format."

After 35 years of servicing the Hampton Roads area, today the fate of the Naro is up in the air. The philosophical Tench faces the existential ideology, to go digital or go home! Writer Bill Burke tells his story in this months edition of Distinction Magazine, go and have a look online or better yet, take a step back in time and pick up a copy at Barnes & Nobles.